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Fed Ex showing the right approach to managing a crisis

The recent video of a Fed Ex employee casually tossing a PC monitor over a fence unaware of the fact he was being filmed offers both a lesson in how quickly a reputation threat can go viral but also how a modern … Continue reading

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Handy guide to a stress free Outlook

I met with an ex-colleague last week who was in trouble at work as a result of email. I’m surprised there are not more incidences of this but then again perhaps there are, we just don’t hear about them. Basically this person … Continue reading

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Developing your social media strategy

It never ceases to frustrate me when I see an organisation dabbling in social media with little awareness of the damage they are causing to their brand with ill-thought out tweets or inappropriate use of hashtags. Often these organisations have … Continue reading

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Taking a strategic approach to social media

Whether it is a member of staff who has posted something on Facebook they live to regret or an irate chief executive demanding you get some negative comments about your organisation removed from a forum, social media is something we … Continue reading

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Are superinjunctions worth the paper they are written on?

The “outing” of a series of celebrities in Twitter who allegedly have been the subject of superinjunctions raises some fundamental questions about the impact of social media, the ability of the courts to maintain anonymity and whether there is any … Continue reading

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Some press release tips

I thought some of you may find it helpful if I gave you some tips on how to write a successful press release. It won’t guarantee you the splash you are after but it will help you maximise your potential … Continue reading

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