Five simple blogging tips for small businesses

During our social media masterclasses for new business start ups we look at a host of social media sites but one type of channel that frequently gets overlooked is blogging.

Writing and maintaining a blog is a unique and powerful tool to engage with customers on a personal level. But it’s not easy. In this post we give you five simple tips on how to use blogging to boost your business’ profile and in turn increase sales.

Become an expert

To get where you are with your business you will no doubt have had to build up a thorough understanding of the field within which you operate. Use your knowledge to educate and inform potential customers.

If you are an accountant, give people the insider knowledge of how they can best manage their accounts and how to file their tax returns. If you sell insurance, simplify the complicated T&Cs to help them to understand what’s important. In short you can become a trusted and valued expert in your field with the upshot being when they are in a position to pay for the service you offer they will invariably come to you.

Resist the hard sell

It is important that your blog builds up a following. Just the same as people won’t skip a film just so they can watch the adverts people do not want sales patter thrown down their throats. Your chances of a person moving from a reader of your blog to a customer will increase massively once you’ve gained their trust. If you simply hit them with the hard sell they will treat you like a spam email and avoid your blog like the plague.

Keep it fresh

Blogs take time to develop and there will be occasions at the start when you may question the point of what you are doing. However, the time you invest in this will reap benefits in the long run. Make sure you use other channels to share links to your blog and try and build up your readership base over time. Remember, don’t worry about numbers – it is the quality that is important. Five followers that always share your blog posts to their networks will be far more valuable to you that 20 followers who don’t. Plan what you are going to blog about. Don’t just sit there rambling on one evening. Focus on the quality of your blog as it is your reputation at the end of the day.

Answer questions

Search the web, look on forums and find out what people are asking questions about. I’ve just had a look on a local community forum in Lancashire and someone has asked for advice on the best types of gas fires to have in their living room. If I was a local fireplace supplier i’m sure if I gave some simple but free advice to this person with a link to my blog they would in time come and visit my shop. How long would that have taken from the comfort of my laptop?

Help customers compare products

A comparison blog post can be used by lots of businesses. Take one of your products and compare it with at least one another, explain the differences between them and which is the best choice according to their need. This saves the reader the time and effort of searching round comparison websites and will in time encourage them to return to your site.

Hopefully this will have given you a few simple tips to be getting on with. If you need any further advice drop us an email or tweet us at @redmoor_comms

Happy blogging!

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