5 simple tips to get the best out of Pinterest for your business

Pinterest is perfect for businesses – no matter what size as it is one of the only sites where users will expect to find different products with the price included. It has to be used correctly though to maximise its impact. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

1)     Set up a Pinterest account for your business and stay active

This will help drive traffic to your website but is also essential if you wish to sell products through Pinterest. It is simple to do and like Facebook, you can create attractive landing pages. You must also keep active on Pinterest. Investing some time and energy will pay off in the end as the more you use it the bigger your network will become.

2)     Use resources that are out there to help you

Like with most social media sites, there are a host of tools that can help you work with Pinterest – some free, some paid. Shop around and look at reviews on which are seen to be the most effective. We use Pinstamatic, a British based site to help create interesting boards as it can create them for you from any website. If you wish to sell products on Pinterest then you can use sites such as Shopinterest which are very effective.

3)     Make your own website ‘pinnable’

If you want to generate traffic flow to your own website then make sure it is attractive to look at so visitors can ‘pin’ from it. This will generate maximum impact as those pins get shared, but with each user being directed back to your website. You can make it even easier by including a pin it button on your site.

4)     Know your audience

Using Pinterest is no use if the messages you are pushing out do not reflect your customers. Do your market research – what kind of images are your customers likely to share? – then make sure they are on your website so they can be pinned. Have a look at how your competitors are using Pinterest if you are unsure.

5)     Run competitions

Competitions are great promotional tools and Pinterest offers the perfect medium for running a competition. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest and you want to get some likes and followers quickly, then running a contest might be the perfect solution. There are many apps that you can use to run a contest but a simple approach could be for you to display answers to completion across your website and you invite people to pin the pages to enter. This approach means you are engaging with your customers.

Pinterest can we a great addition to your marketing strategy and the best thing is it is free! It just needs a commitment from you to invest the time in it to make it effective.


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