5 simple steps to Google Hangouts on air!

Google+ Hangouts On Air is a Google+ feature that lets you live broadcast your Hangout to an unlimited audience. When you use Hangouts On Air, the tool automatically becomes a draft recorded video in your YouTube account so you can edit, publish and share your Hangout with everyone. So, your previous Hangout sessions can become a library of useful video presentations, depending on how you use your Hangouts. With Hangouts On Air, you don’t have to lose the content that was created during a Hangout – so you can repurpose it and get more life out of it.

1 ) Log into your Google+ account, and click on the Hangout button at the right.

2) Give your Hangout a name, and invite a circle of people to join you.

3) Click on the Enable Hangouts On Air box, and you will see a pop-up notification to let you know the hangout session will be streamed on Google+ and YouTube.

4) You’ll need to agree to Google’s terms of service during the first Hangout only. Consider any legal implications if you are using this on behalf of your employer.

5) Click the red Start Broadcast button, and then view the last message from Google reminding you that your video content will be public. Then, you’re on air!

Once your Hangout is over, it may take up to an hour before the video appears in your YouTube account. Once it’s ready, you can go into your YouTube Video Manager to edit the video as you’d like.

It may take a couple of sessions before you get used to it. Just keep practicing and experimenting and before long it will become second nature


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