Social media and job hunting

It never ceases to amaze me when I talk to fellow business leaders and they trot out the usual line that those coming out of school do not possess the skills for business yet those same businesses will pay vast sums of money to agencies to build their social media portfolio.

The difficulty is that many young people are social media savvy but these skills are not being used in a work sense but instead socially. As the jobs market becomes more competitive those who manage to refine their skills will gain an edge over fellow applicants. If you find yourself out of work or are seeking a new challenge here are a few tips to using social media to get the job you are after.

  1. Set your personal social media strategy. Which organisations do you want to target and which are the best channels to help you do this?
  2. Build up your digital footprint. This is important as employers will often run a search on applicants so make sure there is nothing you wouldn’t be happy your mother seeing! Also, don’t claim to be something you are not. If you are claiming to be an expert in multi-channel communications as an employer I would expect your portfolio to reflect that.
  3. Make sure channels like LinkedIn are up to date and make use of new up and coming professional sites such as Revl. Also make sure your social channels are a little more professional or at least ensure your privacy settings are secure.
  4. Use sites such as Twitter and Pinterest to expand your networks and keep them updated. You don’t need to go crazy but make sure you have a presence and it all matches the image you want to create through your strategy. Ideally choose one channel such as Twitter to focus most of your energy and time as these are
  5. Consider starting a blog. You will be surprised how interesting blogs can be. The are ideal for showing you have an understanding of topics and are very easy to share. It will also boost your online profile. Sites like Tumblr make this really easy to do.

And finally…

Use social media to do some research before you are interviewed. There is nothing more embarrassing than an applicant who has not done their research when asked about matters affecting the company. There is no reason for this to happen given the ability for social media to give you access to huge amounts of information relating to companies.

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