5 tips for a successful Facebook page

Social media has transformed the way organizations interact with their customers. Gone are the days of face to face or telephone only exchanges. People expect more from an organisation. This video produced in partnership with UCLAN gives a great insight into what people expect from an organisation when it comes to social media.

This doesn’t come without challenges. The very essence of social media is that it is two-way. In other words expect questions or criticism that require responses. Similarly expect suggestions that may improve the services you provide.

Facebook offers great opportunities to transform how you interact with your customers but it requires careful planning otherwise your page will sit there dormant. This not only presents a lost opportunity but can damage your reputation in the same way an out of date website would.

With this in mind we’re offering five tips to wow your customers through Facebook.

1. Size matters

Resist the temptation to leave lengthy posts. It is generally felt that any posts over 250 characters will begin to turn off the very people you are trying to attract. Keep it snappy and to the point.

2. Be visual

If you have some great photos or videos which show what your organisation is about then use them. There is nothing more dull than a Facebook site dominated by text. Posting links to sites such as You Tube are easy to do and can have a massive impact on how people view your page.

3. Keep it two-way

Please don’t use Facebook to post out news with no attempt to respond to comments that may be made. It is not all about news. Perhaps visit other Facebook sites that discuss common issues and post comments. This will help drive traffic to your page. Most importantly though make sure you respond. If you can’t do this the same day make it clear on your bio how regularly you access the page.

4. Be relevant

Try and relate your posts to something new your organisation is doing or perhaps an issue that is taking place nationally. In other words show your fans you know what you are doing and that your organisation is relevant to something that is being discussed. For example, if you are a nursery provider and there is some national research showing the benefits of pre-school learning share that data and explain why your nursery is the best and how it benefits children who attend.

5. Use your site for PR

Rather than simply posting links to press releases why not use your Facebook page to launch things. If people think they may benefit from a new product line or some discounts by visiting your page they will ‘like’ you in order to keep abreast of these opportunities. People like to feel they have got a good deal from something so use Facebook to convince them of this.


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