Social media strategy on one side of A4

At one of our recent social media workshops we ran a short exercise to encourage delegates to create a social media strategy for their organisation on one side of A4.  It’s a great way to concentrate your mind on why you are using social media so give it a try.

What are you after?

  • Sales?
  • Client leads?
  • National profile?
  • Access to funding?
  • Thought leadership?
  • Community engagement?

Can you condense your social media mission down to one sentence?

For example:

  • ‘bring my customers closer to my organisation’.
  • ‘Position my organisation as a leader in my field’
  • ‘Open up new and untried markets for my social enterprise’

How are you going to measure if it’s working?

  • Number of likes, followers etc?
  • Amount of traffic to your website?
  • Amount of national/regional media coverage?
  • Successful funding bids?

 Who is part of your social media team?

  •  All staff?
  • Dedicated staff?
  • You?

 How will your customers benefit?

  •  Better access to your organisation?
  • Employment opportunities?
  • Access to products/opportunities provided by your social enterprise


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