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During our social media masterclasses we’re often asked for some simple tips that can help social enterprises use Twitter effectively. You can of course research plenty of tips on the internet from sites like Mashable but the simplest analogy I have come across is to imagine your Twitter network is a party. If you act the way you would in a party you’ll be fine. So here goes:

1)     It’s not about me. If you walked into the party and began talking about yourself what would happen? In short, people would get annoyed and try and avoid you. The same applies with Twitter.

2)     Don’t be a robot. If you simply repeated everything other people were saying you’d get a similar response from other guests so don’t spend all of your time on twitter retweeting links.

3)     Behave. Abusive, offensive guests would be asked to leave the party. Twitter’s response is simple – they stop following you or block you.

4)     No del boys please. Over zealous salespeople would be an instant turn off at any party. Twitter can offer some great opportunities to make business leads but keep it in moderation. Over selling will be treated the same as spam.

5)     Interact. If you sat in the corner and just watched the other party guests you would unnerve them. Of course when you are getting started with Twitter it is good to get the hang of things by watching what others are doing but there comes a point when someone will look at your tweet history and think it odd that you’ve hardly said anything.

With you avoiding the above you should be able to make the most of your Twitter use and maximise the benefits it brings. Get involved in discussions, enrich the debates that take place and most importantly enjoy it.

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